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You will find a variety of information not only about AWANE programs such as the Employee Assistance Program and Wellness Rewards, but also educational pieces on topics such as nutrition, exercise, overall health and wellness, substance abuse, mental health, and more. Your health not only benefits you, but also those you love and with whom you work. Custom content, tailored for you, all in one place.

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AWANE Wellness

As an AWANE health plan participant, you are already aware of the AWANE Wellness Rewards Program, where you can earn up to $600 per year for healthy actions. We are all in control of our health and wellness, and the AWANE Team wants to see our members healthier, more engaged, and being more productive than ever.

AWANE Employee Assistance Program

One of the most overlooked and an underutilized benefit offered by many employers is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Many people regularly are confronted with financial stress, substance abuse and addiction, mental health, and more. The AWANE EAP Program is offered to all members and participants to provide confidential support in times of need to help individuals in all aspects of their lives.