Take a Break

Dec 13, 2017

A few minutes of downtime can help relieve stress and boost productivity. Our days are wall-to-wall. Between work and life responsibilities, we’re feeling more pressure and a higher level of stress. And it’s taking its toll on our health as a nation. So what can we do about it? Maybe,... Read more →

Mindfulness Over Matter

Dec 13, 2017

Combatting stress through self-awareness No matter who you are, stress is most likely a part of your life. The key is learning how to identify it and manage it. Many doctors are pointing to mindfulness as a method for successfully controlling stress before it controls you. What are the warning signs of... Read more →

Winter Safety: Easy Things You Can Do To Prevent Accidents

Nov 28, 2017

As winter approaches, we always like to keep people thinking and talking about safety. Our first priority is always focusing on accidents which shouldn’t occur. Winter always brings everything from slips and falls, keeping warm and dry, to monitoring your carbon monoxide detectors. Here are some helpful tips for business owners: Do... Read more →

LEGISLATIVE ALERT: Proposed Massachusetts Law Includes Comprehensive Health Care Reforms, but with Limited Effects upon Employers and Trade Associations

Nov 07, 2017

On October 17, the Massachusetts Senate released “An Act Furthering Health Empowerment and Affordability by Leveraging Transformative Health Care” (the “Act”), legislative proposal with the declared goal of reducing healthcare costs and improving the quality of medical services in the state. The Act includes... Read more →