Health Insurance Connecticut

AWANE provides a range of health insurance Connecticut programs that themselves offer a variety of built-in options. We like the option to choose, and we want our clients to have the same privilege when signing up for health insurance Connecticut. The national carriers that we are adjoined to are top of the line, with optimum class benefits and open access products in each health insurance Connecticut package.

As the owner of a small business, having the ability to offer to your employees reasonably priced medical and health insurance Connecticut benefits is at the forefront of your mind. Our very own Exchange and Purchasing Cooperative is made up of health insurance Connecticut experts ready to help you maneuver the excellent selection of health insurance Connecticut options we have. When you sign on to work with AWANE to get health insurance Connecticut for your small automotive business, you are signing up for: faith in your carrier, compliance with COBRA initiatives, guaranteed enjoyment of the process, built-in rewards, and assistance with meeting federal and state demands.

The reason that AWANE is able to supply our clients with the low rates and high discounts for health insurance Connecticut that we do is because of the power you provide! With greater membership numbers, AWANE can mediate with health insurance Connecticut companies with more power to get what is best for all the ground level employees. No matter what health insurance Connecticut program you enlist in, you are guaranteed to be a part of our prescription drug program and to be provided COBRA and HIPPA personnel at no added cost to your plan.

As with any business, AWANE does put forth a few stipulations to ensure health insurance Connecticut enrollment success—75% participation for all eligible employees along with a two-policy minimum. AWANE knows health insurance Connecticut. Join the 600 other businesses currently enrolled with AWANE, and save some money getting the best health insurance Connecticut coverage available. Different benefit plans within one company contract, open access PPO’s, choice of doctor or hospital, out-of-network possibilities, HMO, non-referral based deals, and non-PCP required deals are all options within the AWANE health insurance Connecticut agenda. Be a part of our team and get the health insurance Connecticut you and your employees deserve.