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If you are a small business owner who works in automotive, road, or fuel-based work, then you are met with the struggle of trying to protect your employees without going bankrupt. Employee benefits in Maine are necessary for every individual and his or her family, but they do not come cheap. AWANE, or Automotive Wholesalers Association of New England is here for you. We are a trade association that works to bring you great benefits in Maine for reasonable prices.

At AWANE, we understand that your success and well-being depends on the success and well-being of your employees. Having great benefits in Maine is the groundwork on which your business stands. We will manage all of your benefits in Maine from health care benefits in Maine, to employee wellness program benefits in Maine, to general health and safety governed by our Workers’ Compensation Program. When you sign up for benefits in Maine with AWANE, you are signing up for reduced-cost group rates on health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, short-term disability insurance, long term disability insurance, and more.

You can tell that we know benefits in Maine because of the happiness and professionalism of our own employees. We offer person-to-person customer service with any questions or issues about your benefits in Maine coverage. AWANE is a company based on and made for the individual and that individual’s need for benefits in Maine. We have worked to strengthen over 600 businesses through providing manageable, high-quality, benefits in Maine coverage. The staff at AWANE works with the small business owner and the individual employees to best define needs within the available benefits in Maine packages. Our number one goal is to supply the high-quality and low-cost benefits in Maine that the American worker deserves.

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