Maine Health Insurance

Nowadays, it is impossible to get good care at a fair price—unless you have good Maine health insurance. At AWANE, we aim to supply the best Maine health insurance options to the people who deserve them. The heart of our health insurance policies is freedom of choice. We believe that any small business employee should have confidence in his Maine health insurance carrier, easily remain COBRA compliant, enjoy the Maine health insurance service he receives, be rewarded for having health insurance, and receive useful aid in federal or state compliance.

There is power in numbers, and the AWANE mission to work with automotive, road, and fuel workers to group together and seek the best deals in Maine health insurance is a huge success. AWANE represents hundreds of businesses, and because of this, your employees can enjoy health insurance with lower rates and bigger discounts. Not to mention, all of our Maine health insurance comes with a prescription drug program and HIPAA/COBRA administration for free.

When you work with AWANE, individual employees can have Maine health insurance plans tailored to their individual needs. Also, AWANE supplies open access PPO’s with our health insurance. Our clients have Maine health insurance that is not referral based. In fact, with our Maine health insurance plans, no primary care physician is required for coverage. Most importantly, health insurance carriers contracted through AWANE allow for choice when it comes to having a doctor or going to a hospital. No longer will your employees be trapped by Maine health insurance plans that cover care from only particular doctors. Now, the hard-working individuals that devote themselves to your business each day, can have Maine health insurance at excellent prices and with superb discounts.