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Who is AWANE? Well, AWANE stands for the Automotive Wholesalers Association of New England, and we are a conglomerate of businesses, doing automotive, road, or fuel-related work, looking to receive bigger and better employee benefits in Massachusetts. As members of a successful trade association, AWANE clients get the best general benefits in Massachusetts through better plans and rates, excellent administrative support, and legislative representation. We are designed to offer the best general benefits in Massachusetts because the very people we now represent started AWANE—automotive, road, and fuel workers with individual and specialized insurance needs.

Our #1 goal at AWANE is to help you keep your employees happy and healthy, so that they might be as safe and productive in the workplace as possible. We have a collective program of specialists that manage the general benefits in Massachusetts that we distribute. This includes a Workers’ Compensation Program that focuses on safety, a number of Employee Wellness Programs, and an excellent list of Health Care Benefits. We manage and administer these employee benefits in Massachusetts and offer group rates for cheaper for health insurance, life insurance, short-term disability insurance, long-term disability insurance, dental insurance, and Workers’ Compensation insurance. Also included in the general benefits in Massachusetts are business forums, printing programs, and voluntary benefits.

The staff here at AWANE is intelligent, hardworking, and devoted to getting you the best general benefits in Massachusetts. We provide on-site service and ensure a quick response to any association member who needs assistance with general benefits in Massachusetts, big or small. We know and love small companies and we offer live person answering services to best work with you and your general benefits in Massachusetts inquiries. There are no long wait times or automated voices obstructing the answers you are looking for. AWANE wants to help you protect your employees because we know they are the fuel that keeps your small business running. We work openly to understand your needs and tailor our general benefits in Massachusetts service to you. Our sole purpose is to provide employee benefits in Massachusetts to keep you and your business protected, in order to keep the New England economy at its best with well-protected workers. Just access any of the AWANE publications for more information about us and the general benefits in Massachusetts we support—Human Resource Center pamphlets, educational bulletins, business owner bulletins, regional meetings, or regular newsletters.

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