Health Insurance Massachusetts

So you have a small automotive, road, or fuel business, and your employees need health insurance Massachusetts. Individual health insurance Massachusetts plans are expensive, plus you do not get any administrative support or group benefits. AWANE strives to solve that very problem by providing group health insurance Massachusetts plans for you and your employees. We are experts in administrating health insurance Massachusetts —medical, voluntary, and dental—benefits to small businesses. AWANE has built a reputation for being respected and widely accepted as a health insurance Massachusetts carrier.

AWANE does the health insurance Massachusetts handling for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. We handle 100% of any COBRA and HIPPA administration that you need, and we serve as the middle-man with insurance companies so that you do not need to deal with them directly. Since hundreds of businesses work with AWANE, we can harness more power and guarantee to get you low rates and numerous discounts on your health insurance Massachusetts. Furthermore, we stay on top of legal changes big and small, so you do not need to trouble your busy schedule with learning new federal and state health insurance Massachusetts laws that come into place.

Our health insurance Massachusetts plans come with rewards specific to AWANE customers and optional vision coverage for those who need it. All clients of AWANE must promise 75% of their eligible employees will participate along with at least two policies being in place, but this is a small price to pay for the enormous amount of health insurance Massachusetts support we provide. All medical health insurance Massachusetts programs we supply come including a hassle-free prescription drug program and COBRA/HIPAA management. Working with AWANE guarantees that you can offer your employees excellent health insurance Massachusetts coverage for all medical and voluntary benefits at fair prices.