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Any business would be at a loss without healthy, capable employees. Unfortunately, healthcare can be expensive without health insurance, meaning many uninsured employees will forego medical treatment to save money. Small business health insurance plans support your employees, keeping them healthy and ready to work. With decades of knowledge of automotive industry employer needs, AWANE offers comprehensive small business health insurance plans with a range of options for your small business.

Healthy employees are crucial to any small business. In the event that an employee becomes sick or injured, small business owners will be hoping for fast recovery, and fast return to work. With small business health insurance, employees will have the ability to take care of themselves without worry of expenses holding them back. When provided with professional healthcare, employees will be more likely to recover faster, allowing them to return to work quicker as well Employees who suffer from ongoing illnesses can be regularly evaluated, and will be able to take fewer sick days and show up to work more reliably.

As a bonus to keeping employees healthy, small business health insurance may also boost employee retention. Though you may not be required by law to provide health insurance, doing so offers benefits that other jobs may not. By encouraging employees to stay with you, your small business will develop a network of well-trained professionals, and reduce time and money spent on training new employees.

In addition to our extensive small business health insurance plans, AWANE also offers wellness credits designed to encourage your employees to stay on track with personal wellness. Our Wellness Awards program offers financial incentives for checkups, assessments, and more. Regular visits to healthcare professionals is a key part of preventative care, reducing the chances of serious illness or injury.

At AWANE, we believe that supporting your employees’ health and wellbeing is a smart business decision. In addition to helping keep your business running to capacity, offering small business health insurance plans to employees builds stronger ties and increases employee retention. When you work with AWANE, you’ll see what makes our small business insurance plans stand out against our competitors.

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