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AWANE offers health insurance and employee benefits to businesses in the automotive, roads, fuel, and related industries

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Welcome to the MyWellness Powered by AWANE. The AWANE Team realizes that YOU, the individuals powering our member businesses, are your employers’ most important asset.

You will find a variety of information not only about AWANE programs such as the Employee Assistance Program and Wellness Rewards, but also educational pieces on topics such as nutrition, exercise, overall health and wellness, substance abuse, mental health, and more. Your health not only benefits you, but also those you love and with whom you work. Custom content, tailored for you, all in one place.

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For 2018 the Rewards program is the same as it was for 2017. Please read the following to review the details of the program.

Subscribers and enrolled spouses are automatically eligible to participate.

  • Subscribers and spouses who complete the Anthem Online Health Assessment (HRA) by March 31, 2018 (or 90 days from enrolling in the plan for new subscribers) will earn a $50.00 reward. For all covered individuals who completed the assessment in 2017, you will need to complete it again in 2018 in order to receive the $50.00 HRA award.
  • Sign on to and provide your email address and receive $25.00. The AWANE Team will be sharing a link with all Employers and enrolled Employees to our new Wellness and EAP Section. Employees will then register with their email addresses to earn a $25.00 reward. They will also be subscribed to a monthly email newsletter covering topics related to health and wellness, EAP, and relevant program updates. If you provided your email address in 2017, you are not eligible for this reward.
  • Next have a Complete Annual Physical and earn another $75.00.
  • Get a flu shot that is processed through the Anthem BCBS medical plan and receive $25.00. (shot must be billed and processed through your coverage with Anthem or it will not be eligible for this reward).
  • Pregnant or planning to be? Enroll and participate in the Anthem Future Moms program and earn up to $200.00(see notes) for completing 3 levels of the program; Initial Enrollment and Assessment at 16 weeks, Mid Term Assessment at 28 weeks, and Post-Partum Assessment at 1 month after your due date.
  • Managing a chronic condition? If you have been diagnosed with Heart Failure, Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes, COPD or Asthma enroll in the Anthem Condition Care program, complete an assessment and earn a $100.00(see notes). You will work closely with registered nurses to set goals to help manage your condition, and, once you meet them you will earn another $100.00(see notes).
  • Have your age-appropriate annual mammogram, and earn $50.
  • Have your age-appropriate colonoscopy, and earn $50.
  • Join Weight Watchers and submit proof of payment for 3 months of the program and earn $50.
  • Have your age-appropriate Cholesterol test (males 35+ years, females 40+ years) and earn $25.
  • DIABETICS – Have the following tests done and the enclosed form completed by your physician. Mail the form in to AWANE and once all tests are confirmed with Anthem, we will cut a check for $100.
    1. A1C Test
    2. LDL blood test
    3. Urine microalbumin test
    4. Dilated eye exam

If you have any questions regarding this program or your benefits please contact your AWANE Client Services Advocate at 800-258-5318.

Reward checks will be cut on a quarterly basis.

*$600.00 maximum earning per participant.

AWANE Wellness

As an AWANE health plan participant, you are already aware of the AWANE Wellness Rewards Program, where you can earn up to $600 per year for healthy actions. We are all in control of our health and wellness, and the AWANE Team wants to see our members healthier, more engaged, and being more productive than ever.

AWANE Employee Assistance Program

One of the most overlooked and an underutilized benefit offered by many employers is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Many people regularly are confronted with financial stress, substance abuse and addiction, mental health, and more. The AWANE EAP Program is offered to all members and participants to provide confidential support in times of need to help individuals in all aspects of their lives.