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Safety Update: Employer Responsibilities and OSHA

There can never me too much emphasis on safety culture in any business, and with 2019 now just around the corner, here is a brief regarding some of the most important employer responsibilities related to the Occupational Safety [...]

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Opioid Abuse

The opioid epidemic may be a major reason for recent declines in Americans' life expectancy, a new study says. A second study found rising death rates among Americans ages 25 to 64, but cited a number of factors as potential causes. [...]

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Prescription Opioid

Prescription opioids can be used to help relieve moderate-to-severe pain and are often prescribed following a surgery or injury, or for certain health conditions. These medications can be an important part of treatment but also come with serious risks. [...]

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Is Workplace Safety Improving? The Answer May Surprise You

New Report Shows Gains in Workplace Safety Results of a recent survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics offers a hopeful glimpse into the world of workplace safety—proving workplace accident prevention efforts continue to have a positive [...]

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