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Defensive Driving: A Refresher in Safety

May 14, 2018

In our Workers Compensation Program, the Automotive Industries Compensation Corporation (AICC), driving on public roads and highways is a significant exposure within the members’ operations. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) reports that year after year, vehicle accidents are the leading cause of worker... Read more →

Winter Safety: Easy Things You Can Do To Prevent Accidents

Nov 28, 2017

As winter approaches, we always like to keep people thinking and talking about safety. Our first priority is always focusing on accidents which shouldn’t occur. Winter always brings everything from slips and falls, keeping warm and dry, to monitoring your carbon monoxide detectors. Here are some helpful tips for business owners: Do... Read more →

Fatigue in the Workplace and How to Avoid It

Aug 25, 2017

One of the most overlooked parts of workplace injury is fatigue. Here we will examine some signs of fatigue and what can be done to avoid workplace injury. What is Fatigue? Fatigue is the state of feeling very tired, weary or sleepy resulting from insufficient sleep, prolonged mental or physical work, or... Read more →