Life Insurance

Life insurance that provides for loved ones when they need it most.

Give your employees peace-of-mind knowing that their families will be cared for in the event of the employee’s death. The AWANE Exchange and Purchasing Cooperative has negotiated affordable group life insurance plans that ensure your employees’ families have the money they need to help pay medical and funeral bills, credit cards, loans, or other expenses that could result from the loss of a family provider.

If an individual is enrolled in the AWANE Medical Program, a $10,000 life insurance policy is included.
The employer can also provide a group insurance $10,000 benefit for all employees who are benefit eligible.

The employee also has the option to buy their own individual policy for themselves, spouse, and dependents. AWANE has negotiated excellent rates for membership, and is always happy to review.

In many cases, policy reviews uncover several areas where improvements can be made that will benefit the clients and their families. Changes in medical history, life expectancy, insurance company, products being offered in the market, preventative care and risk level create an environment where policy modifications may result in reduced premium payments, greater death benefit and/or more certain death benefit.

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