Private Health Insurance Exchange

For nearly 10 years, AWANE has successfully operated a private health insurance exchange for members. While many have been calling private exchanges the “next generation” of employee benefits, AWANE remains ahead of the curve in offering multiple health plans, full dental, vision, integrated life and disability plans, and voluntary benefits through our private exchanges.

Our plans are designed specifically for the automotive, roads, fuel, and related industries, by industry experts and advocates.

Many employers are considering dropping or reducing healthcare coverage for employees. We strongly believe that for your small business to be successful, a renewed focus on recruiting and retaining the best talent in your industry is extremely important.

AWANE also helps to relieve the endless administrative burdens falling on small businesses and their limited Human Resources departments. Right now, it is estimated that ACA compliance will costs small businesses an additional $15,000 per year. At AWANE, we have streamlined everything to keep enrollment easy, free of any glitches, secure, and accurate.


The AWANE Private Exchange:

  • Full Compliance with all ACA-mandated regulations
  • Simplifies enrollment, improves data integrity, and reduces administrative costs
  • Helps employers control costs with flexible funding approaches
  • Offers a wide range of benefit options, including health plan and ancillary products
  • Saves thousands of dollars in administrative costs
  • Largest in-network access in the U.S.


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