Health insurance and employee benefits for the automotive, road, fuel and related industries.


AWANE offers health insurance and employee benefits to businesses in the automotive, roads, fuel, and related industries

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How does AWANE keep members compliant?2018-08-22T20:12:48+00:00

AWANE has a dedicated customer service team fully educated in compliance. From ERISA, HIPAA, DOL audits, PPACA, Wage and Hour Guidance (FLSA), Policy and Procedure Review, and more – AWANE has you covered. Our in-house legal, actuarial, and fiduciary experts are best-in-class.

What Human Resources functions does AWANE provide?2018-08-22T20:12:48+00:00

AWANE provides all HR support and functions for your business. AWANE handles all enrollment, claims processing, eligibility, compliance, COBRA administration, and has around the clock call center support for any issues. You will have your own dedicated customer support representative, and large administrative burdens placed on your business due to new legislation and compliance rules will be handled by the AWANE team. AWANE also administers all wellness programs.

How does AWANE’s affordable health insurance plans compare to their competitors?2018-08-22T20:12:48+00:00

At AWANE, we strive to stay ahead of other affordable health insurance plans, offering the best services and rates to our customers. We work with more than 600 businesses, providing the best nationwide coverage from one of the nation’s leading carriers. Our group buying power allows us to pass savings on to our customers, keeping the rates of our affordable health insurance plans highly competitive. We have the power to negotiate rates directly with the carrier, and provide better networks and plan designs.

Do AWANE’s affordable healthcare plans comply with ACA?2018-08-22T20:12:48+00:00

Yes, AWANE’s affordable health insurance plans are fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act. Signed into effect in March of 2010, the ACA helps keep preventative care affordable for employees of small businesses. Read more about ACA compliance on our blog.

What are the benefits to group health insurance plans?2018-08-22T20:12:48+00:00

With our group health insurance plans, you’ll be supplied with a range of options to keep your personalized to your business needs. Members of our group health insurance plans will also enjoy personal customer service—our phones are always answered by a person, and each business will be assigned an account representative. As always, our group health insurance plan participants can also enjoy better rates and lower cost prescription drug programs.

What is a PPO plan offered as part of the group insurance plan?2018-08-22T20:12:48+00:00

At AWANE, we want our members to be able to choose the healthcare provider that’s right for them. Our group health insurance plans are open access preferred provider organization (PPO) plans, meaning you’ll be free to visit any physician within the system. Without needing a referral, our group health insurance plans offer freedom with less hassle.

Does AWANE offer an HMO as part of their group health insurance plans?2018-08-22T20:12:48+00:00

Yes. In addition to our open access PPO plans, we also provide health maintenance organization (HMO) options for those who prefer to take this route. HMO members will choose a primary care physician (PCP) who will be in charge of all healthcare provided to the member. While this may be more limiting for those who need options, HMO group health insurance plans allow the PCP to be personally familiar with their patients and may benefit members with specialized needs.

What is an automotive association?2018-08-22T20:12:48+00:00

An automotive association is an organization that provides a variety of benefits to those who join. Automotive associations are open to businesses and employees in the automotive, road, and fuel industries. Members of an automotive association may receive healthcare services including health insurance, workers’ compensation, disability, and more. Automotive associations support automotive industry workers by offering their members lower rates than traditional insurance options. Associations also provide a voice in legislative issues and advocate on behalf of its members for issues affecting their businesses.

How is AWANE different from other automotive associations?2018-08-22T20:12:48+00:00

At AWANE, we pride ourselves on being an automotive association with personalized customer experiences. Our automotive association has a retention rate of 99%, with the average customer remaining with us for 13 years. AWANE exists for the health of our members, and our programs are designed for our member businesses by people in those businesses.

What preventative care automotive employee benefits does AWANE offer?2018-08-22T20:12:48+00:00

At AWANE, we feel preventative care is an important step to preventing serious injury in the long term. That’s why we offer a variety of preventative care options included in our automotive employee benefits. Regular vision, dental, and healthcare visits keep employees healthy and ready to work.

Does AWANE have a Wellness Program?2018-08-22T20:12:48+00:00

Yes, AWANE has a successful and popular Wellness Rewards Program where employees can earn money back every year for healthy practices. For more information please click here.

What is offered through AWANE’s affordable health insurance plans?2018-08-22T20:12:48+00:00

AWANE offers a full range of benefits for its members and their employees. Our affordable health insurance plans include comprehensive health and dental plans, as well as life insurance to keep employees covered for the long term. AWANE’s affordable health insurance plans also include both short and long-term disability insurance. For Massachusetts employers, we also offer a workers’ compensation plan, called the Automotive Industries Compensation Corporation (AICC).

How does AWANE’s wellness rewards program work?2018-08-22T20:12:47+00:00

One of the automotive employee benefits that makes us stand out is our wellness rewards program. Employees, spouses, and dependents have the opportunity to earn money when completing a variety of wellness goals. These wellness goals range from regular checkups, weight loss solutions, and maintenance for those with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and asthma. For more information, please visit our AWANE Wellness Rewards page.

What other automotive employee benefits does AWANE provide its members?2018-08-22T20:12:47+00:00

AWANE’s automotive employee benefits support workers beyond health insurance. We also help build financial safety nets through long and short term disability plans, as well as life insurance should a fatality occur at work. Massachusetts automotive employee benefits include our workers’ compensation insurance, providing exceptional financial coverage after workplace injuries. AWANE also offers custom voluntary benefits to further protect employees against accidents, critical illness, and more. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (is also another benefit we feel is important to provide support for mental health, substance abuse, financial stress and more. By providing a rich set of custom benefits to our members, we protect your employees and business from high costs and more.

Why should I get a small business insurance quote with AWANE?2018-08-22T20:12:47+00:00

AWANE has a long history of supporting small businesses, providing excellent benefits when others are looking to downsize employee benefit offerings to employees. A small business insurance quote with AWANE is the beginning of a partnership that will work hard to support your small business and its employees for years to come.

What businesses are eligible for a small business insurance quote with AWANE?2018-08-22T20:12:47+00:00

AWANE works with a variety of small businesses in the automotive, roads, and fuel industries.. Our representatives are ready to help automotive business owners start a small business insurance quote. See how much AWANE can do for you—contact us to receive a small business insurance quote today and start getting the best in class benefits and service like hundreds of other businesses in your industry enjoy

Why is workers’ compensation insurance important?2018-08-22T20:12:47+00:00

Workers’ compensation insurance protects both the employee and employers’ interests. For the employee, workers’ compensation insurance will help fund medical expenses when he or she is injured on the job. Having this safety net in place also has an added benefit of boosting job satisfaction and employee retention for the long-term. Employers will benefit from having workers’ compensation insurance as it prevents employees from taking legal action against the employer. A strong workers compensation program also helps a business instill a safety culture where employees are well-trained and educated on all safety policies and procedures

What does AWANE’s workers’ compensation insurance cover?2018-08-22T20:12:47+00:00

Traditional workers’ compensation insurance covers any medical expenses from injuries occurring at work. At AWANE, we go further to provide the best possible coverage for your team. Our Massachusetts workers’ compensation insurance provides protection against lost income when employees are unable to work, rehabilitation costs, and death benefits.

What makes AWANE’s workers’ compensation insurance stand out against their competitors?2018-08-22T20:12:47+00:00

Our Massachusetts workers’ compensation insurance follow the Automotive Industries Compensation Corporation plans and are nationally recognized programs. With high return dividends, our workers’ compensation insurance has helped return over $1 million to our members each year for five consecutive years. Additionally, our proactive claims department will respond to workers’ compensation insurance claims within 24 hours, and we provide unlimited loss control services for our members

How do I get a quote?2018-08-22T20:12:47+00:00

It’s easy to get a quote, just click here or call us at (800) 258-5318.

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