Small Business Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What makes AWANE’s small business insurance policies different from others?

Unlike other insurance providers, AWANE has been partnering with automotive small businesses for over 85 years, allowing us to specialize in the needs of automotive industry employees. Our plans offer options that go beyond what our competitors offer. Most of all, we work hard to provide exceptional customer service, and enjoy an over 99% customer retention rate.


What small business insurance options does AWANE offer to cover work-related risks?

Small business employee coverage options include worker’s compensation, disability, and life insurance. Worker’s compensation helps cover cost of injuries or accidents in the workplace, while preventing legal complications by the employee. Disability coverage offers an income safety net, should an employee be unable to work for a period. For peace of mind for the employee’s family, life insurance provides payouts in the event of a fatality.


How does small business health insurance differ from worker’s compensation?

While both small business health insurance and worker’s compensation support an employee’s wellbeing, they vary based on where an illness or injury occurs. Worker’s compensation provides coverage for accidents or injury in the workplace. Outside of work, health insurance covers injuries or any other ailments not related to work. In some cases, small business health insurance plans may also cover the employee’s dependents.


What are the benefits of providing small business health insurance?

Providing small business health insurance offers employees reliable healthcare, keeping them healthier and ready to report to work. Under our health insurance plans, AWANE’s Wellness Awards program encourages employees to stay up to date with checkups and wellbeing assessments. Offering health insurance benefits also makes your small business stand out, increasing employee satisfaction and retention.


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