Group Health Insurance Plans

AWANE has a proven approach to managing your employee health plans. We identify, implement, and manage the best and most cost-effective strategies for you.

As your choices for medical coverage decrease, it is important to place your business with someone that can service your needs. AWANE offers plans to help you maintain your freedom and access. Hundreds of automotive businesses have elected our program because they have saved money while attaining better benefit coverage. The AWANE Medical Program is dedicated to providing our customers with:

  • Choose different health benefit plan designs within a single company to fit your needs
  • Open access PPO plans
  • Wide coverage throughout the United States
  • Freedom to select doctors & hospitals
  • Out-of-network option
  • No requirements for referrals from your physician for specialists
  • HMO

Personal Customer Service

  • Your business will have an account representative
  • Phones are always answered by a person on our team

Cobra Billing – No Additional Cost

The cornerstone of our health benefit program is the freedom for our participants to choose their own healthcare destiny. We offer open access network products with realistic out-of-network benefits as well as HMO products.

All of our health insurance programs include the following additional benefits:

  • Prescription drug program
  • COBRA and HIPAA administration at no additional cost