Small Business Health Insurance CT

Investing in high-quality health insurance as a Connecticut-based employer is imperative when it comes to running a small business. Without it, uninsured Connecticut employees may be faced with the decision to forego important medical care. But with a small business health insurance plan, you’ll be able to support your employees, ensuring that they’re healthy – mentally and physically.

As a Connecticut employer, you’ve got a range of options when it comes to offering small business health insurance in state. Basically, you could provide traditional small business health insurance to your Connecticut employees. Or, you could offer a defined contribution health care plan that reimburses your Connecticut employees for the individual health insurance coverage they purchase on their own. The third option is to offer nothing at all.

If you select the first option – a traditional small business health insurance plan based in Connecticut – then you’re ensuring that your employees have guaranteed access to quality insurance that you may or may not help to sponsor. You’ll likely enjoy greater employee retention, and you’ll be able to attract high-quality employees for whom a Connecticut-based small business health insurance plan is a necessity. And – most obviously – you’ll be taking responsibility for your employees’ well-being, which translates into a more energetic, more positive workforce – one that’s happier, healthier, and better equipped to deal with the everyday challenges of the job.

As you’re shopping for the best small business health insurance for your Connecticut-based business, consider AWANE, which provides a range of health insurance CT programs that offer many built-in options. AWANE’s Exchange and Purchasing Cooperative means that health insurance CT experts will walk you through the Connecticut offerings, helping you to decide which program, and related benefits, will best suit your Connecticut team.

With robust membership numbers, AWANE is able to provide Connecticut employers with low-cost, high-quality insurance for ground-level employees. And AWANE’s offerings go far beyond basic care: AWANE’s Wellness Awards program, for example, provides Connecticut employees with financial incentives for checkups, assessments, and wellness investments, like gym memberships. Ultimately, AWANE’s mission statement is focused on the idea that supporting your Connecticut employees’ health and wellbeing is a smart, sustainable business decision.