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Providing Health Insurance for Small Businesses in ME

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As a small business owner, you have a number of individuals relying on you to offer good health insurance ME plans. AWANE strives to make the process of finding health insurance ME with lower rates and higher discounts simple. When you join the hundreds of other businesses getting health insurance ME through AWANE, you are ensuring that you and your employees get great coverage, at excellent rates, and with wonderful customer service.

Our health insurance carriers offer coverage throughout the United States, particularly coverage throughout New England. Open access PPO’s, out-of-network options, HMOs, and non-referral based services are just a few of the perks employees experience with health insurance ME plans offered through AWANE. Furthermore, our carriers supply health insurance ME plans that allow for freedom—with design of your plan and with choice of your doctor. Your valued employees will be able to choose health insurance ME plan designs that work for them and are affordable. Also, those covered by the health insurance ME carriers we work with can go to hospitals and health centers of their choosing. Even further, the health insurance ME that we set up comes with complimentary COBRA and HIPAA administrative services at no extra cost. Finally, your health insurance ME coverage will come with our excellent prescription drug program.

There are minimums set to get health insurance ME through us. First, you must hold a minimum of two health insurance ME policies in order to be eligible. Second, we require that 75% of eligible employees participate in the health insurance that we offer. Over 600 small businesses and small business owners have chosen to work with AWANE to provide health insurance to their employees and their employees’ families. We can save money together. There is power in numbers and joining AWANE puts the power in your hands to get the best health insurance ME available.


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