Small Business Health Insurance Maine

Delivering high-quality, low-cost insurance to your Maine employees may be a high priority, but locating such great policies isn’t always easy. Yet Maine employees who lack health insurance face greater job insecurity, higher rates of illness (and sick leave), and less satisfaction in the workplace – especially as time goes by. Providing your Maine employees with reasonable small business health insurance means that you’re truly investing in your workforce – and your business’s future. Healthy Maine employees are more reliable, more professional, and more efficient. And those who receive employee-sponsored health insurance feel a heightened appreciation for their position, which translates into an empowered workforce you can count on.

Maine small business owners have a range of options when it comes to small business health insurance. However, it can be difficult to navigate the tricky roads designed by Maine insurance companies – and often, you end up right back where you started, with no insurance and, worse, no usable information. To avoid such headaches, consider consulting with AWANE ME, an automotive, road, and fuel-based trade association working to deliver high-quality small business health insurance to the state of Maine. AWANE ME consultants stay up-to-date with shifting Maine legislation, and can always recommend low-cost small business health insurance plans that will ensure compliance with Maine’s current policy.

AWANE has helped over six hundred businesses across Maine and New England to bring robust, affordable insurance to their valued employees. At AWANE, consultants will work closely with you to identify a package that will accommodate your workforce’s diverse health insurance needs. AWANE ME boasts robust membership figures, which helps the organization to offer affordable small business health insurance to employers all over Maine. Ultimately, AWANE and its advisors believe that supporting the health of Maine employees is a smart business decision for the long haul.

Consider working with AWANE ME to develop a small business health insurance plan that’s right for your Maine employees. In offering a comprehensive health insurance plan your employees can actually make sense of, you’ll attract – and retain – devoted workers. You’ll have to manage fewer sick days, and you’ll be sending your employees the message that their health and well-being matters to you – and to the company at large.