Small Business Health Insurance MA

If you’ve ever tried choosing a small business health insurance plan for your Massachusetts employees, you know it’s no cakewalk. With dozens of health insurance providers, thousands of hospitals, and scores of regulations surrounding networks, licensed physicians, and approved procedures, it’s no wonder many Massachusetts residents continue to work and raise their families without healthcare.

Yet Massachusetts employees who lack health insurance tend to forego medical treatments they really need. In Massachusetts, uninsured workers endure job insecurity, illness, and decreased job satisfaction. They may require more sick leave or even workers’ compensation. Providing your Massachusetts employees with a comprehensive small business health insurance plan shows that you’re willing to invest in your workforce, today and down the line. Insured Massachusetts employees value their work more – and they feel valued by their employer as well.

So while you’re deciding whether (and how) to insure your Massachusetts employees, consider this: Comprehensive Massachusetts small business health insurance means you’re empowering your employees to help you build your business from within.

AWANE, the Automotive Wholesalers Association of New England, is committed to connecting automotive, road, or fuel-related businesses with high-quality, low-cost health insurance. Serving clients throughout Massachusetts and across New England, AWANE has sponsored group health, dental, vision, and life insurance plans since 1929. In Massachusetts, AWANE MA’s insurance consultants keep current on shifting Massachusetts legislation in order to consistently deliver excellent plans at affordable rates. With a client list of over six hundred New England businesses, AWANE helps employers to offer insurance their employees can trust – and afford. High-quality insurance will keep your Massachusetts employees healthy, active, and vested – both in their work and in their own well-being.

With a member retention rate of over 99%, AWANE represents a diverse range of businesses in the automotive, roads, and fuel sectors, which account for tens of millions of American jobs. AWANE’s team recognizes that robust, accessible health insurance is a necessity across these enormous industries, which are responsible for everything from the quality of our roads to the safety of our vehicles. Consider working with AWANE MA to develop a small business health insurance plan that suits the needs of your Massachusetts employees. In doing so, you’ll attract devoted workers you can rely on for the long haul.