Voluntary Benefits

AWANE strives to offer the best benefits for our Membership, and our Voluntary Benefits programs offer great flexibility to our already rich benefits offerings. We designed our program with several things in mind:

  • Employees want additional benefits
  • They relieve financial pressure
  • They are cost effective

AWANE Voluntary Accident and Critical Illness Benefits

When we made the decision to build an AWANE Accident and Critical Illness program we set five criteria:

  1. The Accident Insurance would integrate with the current AWANE medical plans. The objective is to assist the employee, fill in the gaps, if an accident does occur.  Help them with real life expenses.
  2. We wanted to make sure that if employees bought the insurance, they would be able to use the insurance for everyday situations, such as accident, emergency room and recovery.
  3. Most important, we wanted to provide affordable coverage.
  4. Critical Illnesses can destroy a family. The AWANE offering will provide financial support for those individuals participating in the program.
  5. We wanted a program that is exclusive to our members and their employees. The only way an individual has access to our program is if they are employed by an AWANE Member.

Critical Illness

  • The AWANE CI focuses on the major Critical Illnesses
  • We have built a program in which Part-Time employees are allowed to participate
  • Easy and simplified pricing that makes sense and reduces costs to your employees

Accident Insurance

  • Affordable Coverage with rich benefits
  • Part-Time employees are eligible
  • Provides assistance when an accident occurs and it helps you recover and get back to work quickly
  • Physical Therapy benefit
  • Lodging benefit for care needed away from home

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